Anguilla, British West Indies

Anguilla, BWI

A little about the island

Anguilla is an idyllic tropical escape

Sixteen miles of glorious coastline contain thirty-three of the finest beaches in the world. These beaches are consistently ranked among the best by travel magazines. The island offers many outdoor activities ranging from snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving and swimming with the dolphins to horseback riding, tennis, and golf – but Anguilla is also a wonderful place to do nothing at all. In addition, the island has many excellent dining options, from beachside stands serving local fare to world-renowned three-star restaurants.

Though Anguilla is home to many high-end resorts, it remains unspoiled. It has none of the trappings of larger, more commercial tourist destinations – there are no huge discos, no casinos, and no shopping malls. Happily, Anguilla cannot accommodate major cruise ships or large jets.

  • Serenity Resort Beach

    Serenity Resort Beach

  • Shoal Bay East

    Shoal Bay East

  • Shoal Bay East

    Shoal Bay East

  • Meads Bay - towards Viceroy

    Meads Bay - towards Viceroy

  • Meads Bay - Blanchard's beach chairs

    Meads Bay - Blanchard's beach chairs

  • Meads Bay - towards Malhouana

    Meads Bay - towards Malhouana

  • Crocus Bay

    Crocus Bay

  • Crocus Bay - kayak rental

    Crocus Bay - kayak rental

  • Island Harbor - Scilly Cay

    Island Harbor - Scilly Cay

  • Limestone Bay

    Limestone Bay

  • Little Bay - rope descent

    Little Bay - rope descent

  • Little Bay

    Little Bay

  • Junks Hole - Palm Grove

    Junks Hole - Palm Grove

  • Sandy Ground - Johnno's

    Sandy Ground - Johnno's

  • Sandy Ground - vista from North Hill

    Sandy Ground - vista from North Hill

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Some helpful information about Anguilla

Language: English

Currency: US Dollar is accepted everywhere. Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC) is the local currency: 2.63 EC = $1.00 US

Temperature: 80ºF / 27ºC year round

Voltage: 110V – same plugs and voltage as in US, no need for an adapter

Time: 1 hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time (Fall and Winter); same as US in Spring and Summer

Local drivers license sold at rental car agencies for $20

A brief history of Anguilla – via Wikipedia

Anguilla was first settled by Amerindian tribes who migrated from South America. The earliest Native American artifacts found on Anguilla have been dated to around 1300 bc; remains of settlements date from ad 600.[9] The Arawak name for the island seems to have been Malliouhana. The date of European discovery is uncertain: some sources claim that Columbus sighted the island during his second voyage in 1493, while others state that the island was first discovered by the French explorer René Goulaine de Laudonnière in 1564.[10]

Traditional accounts state that Anguilla was first colonised by English settlers from Saint Kitts beginning in 1650.[6][11] In this early colonial period, however, Anguilla sometimes served as a place of refuge and recent scholarship focused on Anguilla has placed greater significance on other Europeans and creoles migrating from St. Christopher,[12] Barbados, Nevis, and Antigua. The French temporarily took over the island in 1666 but returned it to English control under the terms of the Treaty of Breda the next year. A Major John Scott who visited in September, 1667, wrote of leaving the island “in good condition” and noted that in July, 1668, “200 or 300 people fled thither in time of war.”[13]

It is likely that some of these early Europeans brought enslaved Africans with them. Historians confirm that African slaves lived in the region in the early 17th century. For example, Africans from Senegal lived in St. Christopher in 1626. By 1672 a slave depot existed on the island of Nevis, serving the Leeward Islands. While the time of African arrival in Anguilla is difficult to place precisely, archival evidence indicates a substantial African presence of at least 100 slaves by 1683. These seem to have come from Central Africa as well as West Africa.[14]

Attempts by the French to capture the island during the War of Austrian Succession (1745) and the Napoleonic Wars (1796) ended in failure.[10]

During the early colonial period, Anguilla was administered by the British through Antigua; in 1825, it was placed under the administrative control of nearby Saint Kitts.[10] In 1967, Britain granted Saint Kitts and Nevis full internal autonomy. Anguilla was also incorporated into the new unified dependency, named Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla, against the wishes of many Anguillians. This led to two Anguillian Revolutions in 1967 and 1969 headed by Ronald Webster. The island briefly operated as the independent “Republic of Anguilla“. The goal of the revolution was not independence per se, but rather independence from Saint Kitts and Nevis and a return to being a British colony. British authority was fully restored in July 1971 and in 1980 Anguilla was finally allowed to secede from Saint Kitts and Nevis and become a separate British Crown colony (now a British overseas territory).[3]

Great food, from 3 stars to roadside barbecue

Anguilla is celebrated for its inspired cuisine at many fine restaurants. It’s also easy to eat well on a budget. There are beach restaurants, roadside stands, and barbecue galore. Casual attire is accepted almost everywhere.

Large and small supermarkets, scattered throughout the island, carry food and household supplies, as well as wine and liquor. The best supermarkets are BEST BUY, LAKE’S, ASHLEY’S and PROCTOR’S – but SYD & PETE’S on the main road, across from the optical store on the way into The Valley, has a good assortment of food and is often open when nothing else is.

At night, live music is the entertainment of choice. Reggae, calypso and jazz bands perform at beach front venues throughout the island.

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You’ll never be bored here

The island is 16×3 miles. Anguilla’s beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. ALL BEACHES, even in front of fine hotels, are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

So let’s go sailing, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, wake boarding, windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking, fishing, Anguillan boat races, cycling, motorbiking, horseback riding, and building sand castles!

No matter how much you love Calindius with its luxurious deck, 180º ocean view and private pool, you should explore a little! Grab a map of the island, rent a car and pick a beach – there are more than 30 of them all with sugar-fine white sand and turquoise water… succumb to Anguilla’s irresistible atmosphere!

Here's a google map of the Calindius on the Cliff's location on Anguilla.

Photos around Anguilla

  • Blanchard's beach shack

    Blanchard's beach shack

  • North Hill church

    North Hill church

  • "Venice" the Corner Bar Pizza owner

  • Crocus Bay boat launch

    Crocus Bay boat launch

  • Fishing dinghy

    Fishing dinghy

  • Bankie Banx's Dune Preserve

    Bankie Banx's Dune Preserve

  • Cool bartender

    Cool bartender

  • Goat grazing

    Goat grazing

  • Barbecue on local grill

    Barbecue on local grill

  • Gwen's Reggae Grill on Shoal Bay East

    Gwen's Reggae Grill on Shoal Bay East

  • Catamaran - Mead's Bay

    Catamaran - Mead's Bay

  • Island Harbor

    Island Harbor

  • Ribs at Johnno's

    Ribs at Johnno's

  • Sunday Brunch at Johnno's

    Sunday Brunch at Johnno's

  • Ken's BBQ on The Strip

    Ken's BBQ on The Strip

  • Little Bay

    Little Bay

  • Little Bay - long way down!

    Little Bay - long way down!

  • Malhouana resort

    Malhouana resort

  • Port at Blowing Point

    Port at Blowing Point

  • Sandy Ground

    Sandy Ground

  • Scilly Cay

    Scilly Cay

  • Serenity resort snack bar

    Serenity resort snack bar

  • Sunshine Shack - Rendezvous Bay

    Sunshine Shack - Rendezvous Bay

  • The Strip

    The Strip

  • Amazingly clear Caribbean Sea

    Amazingly clear Caribbean Sea

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