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Getting to Anguilla

You'll be here in no time - a little over 4 hours.

What you need to know when booking travel.

There are no direct flights to Anguilla from the US, but that’s part of the island’s charm. It’s easy to reach, but the lack of a major airport means you won’t find any crowded beaches or tourist traps here – just friendly locals, beautiful beaches, and great food. As the motto goes, Anguilla is “Tranquility wrapped in Blue.”



Reach Anguilla via St. Maarten (SXM)

To reach Anguilla, book a flight to the neighboring island of St. Maarten and a 30 minute ferry ride will carry you on to Anguilla. The following airlines fly between the US and St. Maarten: JetBlue, Delta, American, US Airways, United, Spirit and others.

Ferry to Anguilla

Getting here is part of the adventure!

Local Ferry from Marigot – $

The least expensive and most local way to get to Calindius from your flight arrival in St. Maarten is via the public ferry from Marigot on the French side. Take a 20-25 minute taxi ride from the airport to the Marigot port (an official taxi dispatcher will hail the cab and tell you the fare – usually $20 per family).

Once at the ferry terminal, $20 per person will get you a seat with the returning, friendly Anguillans and in 30 minutes you’ll arrive at Blowing Point port in Anguilla.

Fast Ferry from the Airport – $$

The most convenient way to get to Calindius from your flight arrival in St. Maarten is via a chartered ferry from the airport. Book ahead online with GB ExpressCalypsoLink FerryFuntime Charters or other private charters. For about $65 one way/$100 round trip, you will be taken directly to the ferry which is minutes away from the airport, and 25 minutes later you will arrive in Anguilla.

Taxi to Calindius

After a quick passport stamp, you’ll find an official taxi dispatch office at the port exit. Just tell them you’re going to Claudius Richardson’s place in North Hill, at the end of the road to the right of Corner Bar Pizza. Taxi fare is regulated and should be around $15.

Getting Around Anguilla

Island Car Rental

Island Car Rental

You’ll definitely need to rent a car to get around the island – it’s a slow pace – just remember that in Anguilla we drive on the left! We recommend arranging your car rental before arriving.

If you contact Island Car Rental (264-497-2723), ask for “Jammie” and tell her you’re staying at Calindius; she will give you a special rate. Let her know your arrival time and the car will be waiting for you at the house. But Avis (called ‘Apex’ on Anguilla) is also available as well as other local companies. They all offer car seats.

You also need an Anguilla driver’s license, and the rental car company will take care of that for you as well. Don’t worry, there’s no driving test and no bad photo taken! It’s $20 to give you the privilege to drive on our streets, and the license also makes for a fun souvenir of your trip.

 Have a great trip! See you soon in Anguilla!

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